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Friends Only

I decided to make my Journal for "Friends Only".
Please leave a comment if you want to be my friend or just talk to me. :)

As for general information: I'm a Takarazuka fan, my favorite Troupe is Tuskigumi (so I write more or less about them), but there also many other things about the Revue I really like and love. And Japan is also one of my biggest hobbies. I was so far two times in Tokyo already and totally loved it!
Also, I write many stuff about my private life and things I dream about and want to do in future. Yes, I'm a little dreamer.
I would be very glad to befriend some other nice people on LJ. :)


I just decided to put my fanmade videos online in my livejournal. So under the cut you can watch all of my fanvids of Takarazuka. Including my newest one.
I'll keep this updated, when I do some more vids in future. The newest vids will appear on the top.

Have fun. ;)

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Oh, another sticky post. ;D
I saw this on tsuki_in_sora's LJ. I post all of my used/old (and other selfmade) icons in one post to collect them here. If someone's wanting one, feel free to use them, but please credit me back. :) Thank you.
This post is keep to be updated.

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When I update this section I will tell in one of my posts.

Takarazuka Show Post

Okay, so I watched several Zuka shows over the last few days and some were really beautiful, other totally different  from what I expected.

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So, this was my personal mini review of the shows, don't know if anyone got bored while reading. ^^'
Next thing I want to have is Studio 54, although there are so many DVDs I want to spend my money for, but hey, which money? ;P
Oh, but I guess I would watch Fake Love before I settle my eyes on everything else, just checked the beginning of it... it was interesting. ^^
(And please don't judge my grammar or vocabulary, I know that I make some mistakes. XD)